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Empower your people to design
their professional lives

The transformation of culture within an organisation is hard and requires trust and unity.
Your best people want the ability to own their journey as they grow.

Lower Churn

Retain Employees Longer

Increase Output

Better Performing Organisations

Improve Culture

Enhanced Leader Connection

What is kinetik?

We believe employees are the heart of every organisation. kinetik is a cloud platform designed to help organisations build trusting cultures, create connected communities and champion a growth mindset

Engage Employees

Organisations perform better when their people are engaged and valued

Promote Coaching

Coaching when implemented correctly drives growth and performance

Retain People

Retaining great people is hard and money isnt the only reason people leave roles

Evolve Culture

Embracing coaching as part of an organisations culture provides huge benefits

Why kinetik exists

As Organisation’s grow they develop layers. As layers of management are added, connection can be challenging and in turn this can affect culture.


of employees would leave a company for better training and development


of employees have been in their role for less than 2 years


of managers need training on coaching their teams


Businesses that use coaching have a median ROI of 7 times


is the average cost to hire an employee in Australia in 2021


Happy employees are 12% more engaged in their roles

We are recruiting growing organisations focused on Transforming Working Lives

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