Are you aware of the hidden costs of an unhealthy workplace?

When it comes to poor workplace wellness, ignorance is far from bliss. Ignoring the symptoms of an unhealthy workplace can kill your Organisation.

Is it time to do a health check?

Multiple factors can negatively impact the well-being, productivity and satisfaction of employees

So, why is a healthy workplace so important?

Whether your organisation is thriving or surviving your people will always be your most precious – and most expensive – commodity. It’s important to nurture and grow them

Your people earn 100% of their salary regardless of output and performance?

The true cost of your people is actually far more than the salaries you pay them.  When you factor in recruitment, onboarding, training, sick leave and an even longer myriad of costs that aren’t included on the balance sheet. The true amount can be quite eye watering

What is kinetik?

Kinetik is a platform designed to increase connection within an organisation.

Structured conversations increase trust, psychological safety and organisational focus all while encouraging individual purpose.

kinetik plugs into any organisation and enables its people to design the professional lives they want and maximising output.

Kinetik isn’t just first aid for an unwell organisation, it’s a complete lifestyle solution supporting your journey to a healthy, thriving workplace

Who is behind kinetik?

kinetik has been developed by a multifunctional team of experienced developers, ICF credentialed coaches, human resources professionals, C Suite Executives and Regulation and Compliance experts. 

We are on a mission to transform working lives and encourage employees to design the professional life they want whilst increasing their sense of belonging in businesses

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